Desert Destination

hushhhh .....

the hush of lush .... foliage

Sun Sand Surf ... Need Summer!

This Sandpiper has the right idea! Winter has had it's turn; with it's even underlighting, reflective qualities and superb graphic abstract whiteness. It's time for the Ss ... Spring and Summer!!! Birds. Flowers, Intense and overwhelming greens ... the heat and colors in yellow sunlight. Yes, it's another cold dreary day, how did you know? : )

Wait for us!


Vermont Style

Sun and Solitude

The Land Beyond the Moon

Summer Sunday ....

Aquia Rio Grande

There is just something about the light in Autumn ...

One Minute on Earth 2014 - Where on Earth are you?

One Minute on Earth 2014 Sandia Mountain, Albuquerque, New Mexico


Sub-zero Temperatures, Warm Sun, and Craggy Outcroppings. Photographically great fun, but so, so cold!

Tracking Treks

Sand, the great recorder of time. Mouse or Man, One can not go unnoticed

Autumn Aspen

Even the lack of sunshine and heavy gray clouds can dampen the glow of gold nor the magic of Autumn

Glow of Gold

Autumn Gold - the energizing glow of sunlight captured in a mass of yellow Aspen leaves

Cholla with a Mountain view

Just a beautiful day in the Sonoran desert