Oh NO! It's that Up / Down Feeling again

Some Days are just like this ... : D

Pick, Pocket-Gopher

Caught in the Act! Minding his own business Pick, Pocket Gopher, was busily doing his best to undermine his neighbors postbox, which he had chosen to live under. He was doing a fair job of it too! It's not art, but sometimes cute is close enough : ) (Thomomys bottae)

On Reflection ... Looking Good!

Fuzz Factor ...

What is the Fuzz Factor? ... It's figuring out which end is the front to determine which direction one is going in : )

Sea Lion Approved

Dock closed for Napping

Nocturnal Needles Napping

These Porcupines are mostly nocturnal, this little guy is definitely not ready to wake up!

Look Left !!!

Turtles are just too funny! Compositionally bereft and artistically so/so ... I still like this photo for it's quintessential Turtle-ness : )

I "sea" your Petticoat!

The Visual Expression of Imminent Trouble

The visual expression of imminent trouble ... This cat (the EBD - Emergency Back-Up Dog) is and always has been "a Trip to the Emergency Room waiting to Happen!" Fortunately this has never been the case, but he tries! : )

You're not Mom!

That is an expression that says it all, nervous, worried, defiant and bold. What a great little bird. I didn't stay long ... Mom was waiting in the "wings" ~ American Cliff Swallow (Petrochelidon pyrrhonota)

Billy's Beard Burrs

Ok this is more of a snap than art, but ... Goats are great. so expressive and curious, and those rectangular irises! ... so amicable and alien all at the same time. Billy, here, is a really character, as all goats are.

Don't Wake me Until ...

Today, I just can't argue with this ...

Spring's Shooting Star

I love the juxtaposition; delicate color and curves of the early cherry blossom on the hard cold gray concrete. Seconds after I took this shot the wind swept the blossom away - Spring is finally arriving