Mud Puzzle !!!

Just Add Water ....

Agave: Up Close and Personal!

Cactus are so graphic and sculptural not to mention pointy


Mud cracks with indecision

Cape Cod Frog - the Good Life

Ciel Eiffel

Everyone should have a "Tour Eiffel" - here's one of mine : )

The Land Beyond the Moon

Wait for us!


Green Vortex

A study in Green ... and I just love this gigantic, 4' x 3', green skunk cabbage (Symplocarpus foetidus). .. it has all the angles : D

Spring's Shooting Star

I love the juxtaposition; delicate color and curves of the early cherry blossom on the hard cold gray concrete. Seconds after I took this shot the wind swept the blossom away - Spring is finally arriving

Tracking Treks

Sand, the great recorder of time. Mouse or Man, One can not go unnoticed

Emu Feathers

Emu Feathers ... on an Emu ... Where they belong ...(Dromaius novaehollandiae)


An attempt at capturing the mood of a pre-Christmas winter evening