Bursting Forth

It's Spring! Bursts of flowers, unfurling bright intense greens. A wonderful exuberant explosion of color erasing the blank, bland canvas of Winter


Dating Plumage

Homing In

Rufous Hummingbird, Selasphorus rufus, Small, fast, noisy, aggressive, adorable, and beautiful. Definitely one of natures gems.

Growers Market

B.Y.O.B. Bring Your Own Breakfast ...

One lovely morning while having breakfast out on the portal, a small flock of busy little Bushtits flew into the bush directly in front of our table. Joining us, his meal was as long as he is. Glad I'm not a bird! Bushtit (Psaltriparus minimus) Bush (Caesalpinia gilliesii)

Summer Sun

with Flare and Panache

Just Peachy


As the Crane Flies -->


Pinecone Decimator

Everyone should have a cute squirrel shot in their portfolio ... here's mine For such a little guy, the pinecone litter under "his" tree was quite impressive! American red squirrel (Tamiasciurus hudsonicus)

Desert Destination

Watching U Watching ... me

Sonoran Sunset

a sneaky capture of Saguaro cacti quietly watching a stunning sunset

My-na Perch, not yours!

Oh NO! It's that Up / Down Feeling again

Some Days are just like this ... : D

Sunrise in Intense Orange

Sunrise in Intense Orange, A powerful start to the day!

Vermont Style

Sun and Solitude

Ahh, that Feels so Good!

Welcome October Light!


Fig's Brother, Orange Newt-on

Tiny Eastern Newt Orange Juvenile

Peach Thief

Passing Koi

Koi playing coy

Stand Off

Coyote Bravado

Wait for us!


Wind and Feathers



To the South!

Typically Taciturn

Typically Taciturn Texas Turtle Tanning --- All those "T"s I just couldn't resist! : )

The Land Beyond the Moon

Nap in the Garden ... Books

Sleeping sweetly? More like climbing to great heights just to tick-off the dog by napping on her foul weather gear!

Just Larking around ...

Western Meadow Larks

I "sea" your Petticoat!

Mud Puzzle !!!

Just Add Water ....

Rear Attack !!!

Two teenage brothers roaming the landscape for trouble ... one more than the other : D


Mirrored Moorhen

Cottonwood, a Portrait

Cape Cod Frog - the Good Life

Water Hyacinth

Water Hyacinth, Sun glistening through the petals

Tempting Fate ...


Calculated Cat Confidence

Fast and Feisty !!!

a Mid-Air "Discussion"

Lark (Sparrow) Landing Lightly

In-Flight ... Refueling

hushhhh .....

the hush of lush .... foliage

Agave: Up Close and Personal!

Cactus are so graphic and sculptural not to mention pointy

Summer Sunday ....

Feelin' Crabby ...

Incoming !

First BLAST of Winter!

Geckos playing Hide and Hide

Gold Dust Day Gecko

On Reflection ... Looking Good!

Ciel Eiffel

Everyone should have a "Tour Eiffel" - here's one of mine : )


That's Road ... Runner, not Stop and Stare!!!


NightHawk Napping

No Reflection ?!

There are many Snows photographed reflecting in their habitat, mine miss-placed his ...


a play of white light at night


Mud cracks with indecision

Fuzz Factor ...

What is the Fuzz Factor? ... It's figuring out which end is the front to determine which direction one is going in : )

hanging about ... waiting ...

Some photo opportunities, you just "walk into" ...


Snake ! Well, sort of, just a little guy trying to sneak through the undergrowth unnoticed

Nocturnal Needles Napping

These Porcupines are mostly nocturnal, this little guy is definitely not ready to wake up!

Tread Lightly !

An American Alligator eyeing a spot of "lunch", fortunately (for the ibis) "lunch" saw him first and circumvented the situation.

Pin Curl

Only the ever elegant Northern Pintail (Anas acuta) could turn an ordinary tummy scratch into a work of art

Look Left !!!

Turtles are just too funny! Compositionally bereft and artistically so/so ... I still like this photo for it's quintessential Turtle-ness : )

Orange Intensity

Clivia, (Clivia miniata) A plant with a fascinating growth habit and fantastic orange color !

Snip! --- Scissor-Tailed Flycatcher (Tyrannus forficatus)

Scissor-Tailed Flycatcher (Tyrannus forficatus) is one of my favorites (of course, all birds are ... ) but it's exotic tail feathers and touches of magenta and pink on that soft grey ... it's just a lovely species : )

Windy ?

Are those things ears or wind indicators ??? Abert's Squirrel. (Sciurus aberti) These large, handsome, tree squirrels are found throughout the american southwest at higher elevations. This squirrel on Sandia Crest is different ... and more stunning, he might add!!! Up here they have black fur tummies instead of, the more common, white fur tummies. As you can tell it's quite a windy day up on the Crest, as usual, which must be a tad annoying for those with ear-tufts : )

Playing Chicken !

Right before sunrise the Lesser Prairie Chickens begin to call, breaking the still of the desert night air. As the light increases several small "bushes" begin to move around. When the sun breaks over the horizon, the males are in full swing, dancing, displaying and flaunting their fabulous feathery prowess for a lucky few hens and a few crazy humans who venture out into the desert in the darkness just to witness this amazing courtship ritual. (Tympanuchus pallidicinctus)


This charming little Dove made such a lovely still life with her nest, I just couldn't resist sharing it : ) She even came up with the Title Mourning Dove (Zenaida macroura)


This little coyote pup spent the morning calling for Mom. Like a Jemez Storyteller, he had a lot to say. He took the opportunity to adventure around his den and even tried a spot of hunting. He is just too cute ! -- FYI Mom did show up later -- (7? week old, Canis latrans)

Dinner Guest

This little snake "came" to dinner, no worries ... we didn't "have" him for dinner : D (after his photo shoot I left him to continue on with his own agenda)

Pick, Pocket-Gopher

Caught in the Act! Minding his own business Pick, Pocket Gopher, was busily doing his best to undermine his neighbors postbox, which he had chosen to live under. He was doing a fair job of it too! It's not art, but sometimes cute is close enough : ) (Thomomys bottae)

High Rain

In the Desert Southwest a cloud is considered a Monsoon. If and when there is ever rain more often than not the raindrops evaporate before reaching the ground. This is know as "High -Level Precipitation" and in this very dry climate, it's very frustrating … but it makes for awesome sunsets ...


This little hummer as quite a job ahead, these Bird of Paradise flowers are deep! (Caesalpinia gilliesii)

Antelope + Zebra + Helicopter =

Looking like a large open swiss army tool in flight, but missing the navigation bit .. we met when he collided and subsequently landed in my collar .. 2 inches long and weighing as much as a small dog, he was quite friendly, and as you can see, Big! and beautiful. I offered my hatband as resting spot and decoration, but he had other plans. Opening up like a demented helicopter and flying off to his next collision / rendezvous Cottonwood Borer Beetle (Plectrodera scalator)

Billy's Beard Burrs

Ok this is more of a snap than art, but ... Goats are great. so expressive and curious, and those rectangular irises! ... so amicable and alien all at the same time. Billy, here, is a really character, as all goats are.

Aquia Rio Grande

There is just something about the light in Autumn ...

Peli on the Deep Blue Sea

The magnificently gawky, ungainly, graceful and elegant pelican! (Pelecanus occidentals)

A Blur of Bats

Yes, it's not in sharp focus and yes there is too much noise, ... but ... it's my first attempt at night wildlife photography and I think bats and this image are kind of cool


Sub-zero Temperatures, Warm Sun, and Craggy Outcroppings. Photographically great fun, but so, so cold!


Smart, Bold, what a character! He may not be much to look at (unless perhaps to a Lady Curve-Billed Thrasher), but his complicated joyous song is amazing !

Tracking Treks

Sand, the great recorder of time. Mouse or Man, One can not go unnoticed

Gross! So much for the Early Worm

I was lucky enough to happen upon this endearing American Robin family in a tree at eye level. I spent way too long photographing and watching them in this beautiful setting. It was a lovely way to spend a Spring morning ... well, except for those worms ...


An attempt at capturing the mood of a pre-Christmas winter evening

I Spy an Orange Eye

"I Spy an Orange Eye." My personal Curved-Bill Thrasher Sitting in a Chamisa. Not much to look at, but his song is spectacular

Up a Tree (Desert Spiny Lizard)

Desert Spiny Lizard of the Sonoran Desert heading up a Mesquite Tree in Tucson Arizona

Palm Tree Shade

When it's hot out, Palm Trees are the best shade.

Cholla with a Mountain view

Just a beautiful day in the Sonoran desert

Impossibly small

The size maybe small, actually tiny, but the bravado is huge.